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Consuming Messages

A single message represents a job that needs to be performed, and as described earlier, a message’s name is used to determine which service object should receive that message.

A service object can be any object that has a method corresponding to the name of the message with the first letter lower cased. So new PlainMessage('SendNewsletter') will trigger a call to $serviceObject->sendNewsletter($message). For the system to know which service object should handle which messages, you are required to register them first.


use Bernard\Router\SimpleRouter;
use Bernard\Consumer;

// .. create driver and a queuefactory
// NewsletterMessageHandler is a pseudo service object that responds to
// sendNewsletter.

$router = new SimpleRouter();
$router->add('SendNewsletter', new NewsletterMessageHandler);

// Bernard also comes with a router for Pimple (Silex) which allows you
// to use service ids and have your service object lazy loader.
// $router = new \Bernard\Router\PimpleAwareRouter($pimple);
// $router->add('SendNewsletter', '');
// Symfony DependencyInjection component is also supported.
// $router = new \Bernard\Router\ContainerAwareRouter($container);
// $router->add('SendNewsletter', '');

// Create a Consumer and start the loop.
$consumer = new Consumer($router, $eventDispatcher);

// The second argument is optional and is an array
// of options. Currently only ``max-runtime`` is supported which specifies the max runtime
// in seconds.
$consumer->consume($queueFactory->create('send-newsletter'), array(
    'max-runtime' => 900,

Commandline Interface

Bernard comes with a ConsumeCommand which can be used with Symfony Console component.


use Bernard\Command\ConsumeCommand;

// create $console application
$console->add(new ConsumeCommand($consumer, $queueFactory));

It can then be used as any other console command. The argument given should be the queue that your messages are on. If we use the earlier example with sending a newsletter, it would look like this.

$ /path/to/console bernard:consume send-newsletter


When a message is dequeued it is also marked as invisible (if the driver supports this) and when the message have been consumed then it will also be acknowledged. Some drivers have a timeout on the invisible state and will automatically requeue a message after that time. Therefore it is important to have a timeout greater than it takes for you to consume a single message.